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12.06.2013 в 16:26
Пишет Lady K.:

Вместо Трандуила.
Опять же,нового Трандуила,равно как и старого(из первой части) выложили,кажется,полностью. Придется теперь заняться сублимацией и выложить Ли Пейса, для души.:-D

<br><br>“Lee wasn’t working that day, so he was just lounging. He’s 6’4”, so he’s a lot of boy, and he was wearing cowboy boots. I was kind of staring at him, because he painted such a picture, and the director came over, and I was completely in this land of admiring Lee. And Bharat [Nalluri] goes over and tells him, ‘Can you leave the set? Amy’s distracted by your masculinity.’ I was so mortified. But he’s so much fun, too. He’s got such a zest for life. He’s a really good actor. So that’s my gush about Lee Pace. I hope I’m not blushing.” -Amy Adams, on the set of Miss Pettigrew<br><br>

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2016-11-19 в 17:10 

Аж сердце пропустило удар!

2016-11-19 в 20:38 

Yumi., а то!!!


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